Why Become a Blo.gl Reseller?
Hear from some other Resellers:

I wanted to become a Reseller because I saw the incredible potential of this system. It is unlike anything I have encountered in the last number of years since I have been working as an Internet Marketer.  The chances of succeeding with this program are simply enormous compared to other programs I have been involved with.

Tim Moseley 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

For me becoming a Reseller was a no-brainer.  The products have zero competition and they solve the most common problems thousands of reps in direct sales companies face!  I have worked with Tissa before; he is an excellent mentor with great leadership so knew I was in the right place.  The step-by-step training that he has put together makes getting started so simple that you're ready to start earning in no time.

Mike Alefounder 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

When I saw the Reseller program and what it had to offer, I jumped on-board right away.  First of all, nobody else out there has this product - that's awesome.  Second, it made total sense to me to get rid of monthly subscription payments.  In fact, I am the one collecting those subscription payments now and the payments are instant.  I don’t have to wait for “payday” to roll around.  Stop chasing the gold and start selling the tools to those who are chasing the gold!

Donald Lowery 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

When Tissa came up with the Reseller program I thought: This is pure genius!  If I can see the extreme value of this, trust me other distributors will see it too!  Becoming a Reseller was just plain logic to me, no questions asked.  Would I really miss the boat and miss the chance to put myself in front of such a huge demand and market?  NO WAY!

Celly Richardson 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

I have been a Blo.gl user since early 2015.  I fell in love with the fact that I could use Blo.gl to generate unlimited posts for my custom blog without writing a single post myself.  When I saw the Blo.gl Reseller option, which totally waives the $89.90 monthly payments, I jumped on the offer instantly.  While my initial reason for becoming a Reseller was to save on the monthly subscription costs of my blogs, I now have an even more lucrative opportunity and plan to share the Blo.gl platform as my primary business.

Pete Ade 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

I've been focusing on promoting the "picks and shovels" to business owners for the last two years, so 10X Blogger fits right into my marketing goals.  And since I've known and worked with Tissa for almost 10 years now, I know the quality of the products he creates, and the fact that he always over delivers. 10X Blogger is another winner!

Gary Chappelle
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

I've been struggling online for about eight years now.  With this Reseller program though, I know 2017 will be my year.  This program is laid out step-by-step, and all the Resellers on the Team work together with each other; it's a great feeling.  You're never stuck out there and left behind like a lot of other programs.  Thank you Tissa for this great program and looking forward to having a great year!

Keith Deshaies 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

I became a Reseller because the concept and strategy for this business is so powerful, with great potential for long-term income.  After joining, I found that the owner provides top-notch training, step-by-step videos and weekly Webinars.  You get all the necessary training and personal attention you need to develop your online business.  If you've grown tired and frustrated after joining programs and business opportunities without getting any results, this is truly a golden opportunity for you.

Vj Shah 
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

I've been in direct sales for twelve years now which is how I came across the Blo.gl platform. When I look for an opportunity, I look for something that is unique, first of its kind, can't be copied, and allows me to work from anywhere in the world.  I found that with the Reseller program, along with my own direct sales company.  With this product we can help anybody in any industry succeed because we have the right tools for the right job.  Jump on-board, don't look back and you won't regret it!

Dana Owens Chauvin
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

Why did I become a Reseller?  Because I was able to receive step-by step instructions from someone who knows all the steps to becoming a successful marketer!  With 10X Blogger you're not just told what you need to do; you're shown what you need to do. I was taken through each step, from setting up my web site to receiving instant payments.  After years of struggling with online marketing and jumping from one MLM program to another, I've realized it's easier to sell the picks and shovels than dig for the gold!

Tom Paul
Blo.gl Reseller and 10X Blogger

If you're ready for step-by-step training from the product creator himself, you're ready to become a Blo.gl Reseller.

If you're ready to strike gold in direct sales without joining any more MLMs, you're ready to become a Blo.gl Reseller.

If you're ready to make a commitment, stay coachable and remain consistent, you're ready to become a Blo.gl Reseller.