VIDEO: This ONE thing will change your business

The vast majority of marketers are doing it all wrong. They’re marketing to the most competitive segment of their marketplace. As legendary marketing consultant Frank Kern explains in this video, there’s another segment of the marketplace that most marketers overlook. This segment is far more profitable, if marketed to correctly.

How To Know When People Will Be Ready To Buy!

Understanding this ONE THING can change EVERYTHING about how you market your business…

Posted by Frank Kern on Monday, October 1, 2018


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It’s time to dream, get and stay motivated!

A Monday message from Joel Therien, CEO/Founder of Now Lifestyle:

What time is it?
Its time to get off your ass and stop the self despair, the world isn’t fair, I can’t do this attitude and start taking action. Why? Cause the self pity isn’t working right now and guess what “The world doesn’t care!!
Way too many of you who have massive passion are doing things you still hate!! Let me fill you in on a little secret…
If I am 1% not happy for more than 2 days on what I am doing I change directions. Most people who have massive potential and passion are doing 99% of stuff they hate!!
Come on.. its time to get motivated, get happy and change directions. The only thing that will motivate you LONG TERM is you!!.. only you.. yes you.. go look in the damn mirror.. because YOU are in charge!!
You have greatness in you, you have potential in you & its time to tell your “conservative brain” to shut up and move forward!!
Thank God Its Monday (TGIM) because here is your chance to change the world.
Lets do this, because you can, I can, we all can do this!! You can be free, you can be the Captain of your ship, the master of your life.. the person you know GOD made you to be!!
NEVER GIVE UP!! Happy Monday Team!

If all that sounds good to you, it’s all here waiting for you..

The Ten Commandments of MLM

As you read “The Ten commandments of MLM” by Erik Christian Johnson, ask yourself if you are practicing these commandments in your MLM business:

Thou shall not rely on “get-rich-quick” schemes, or jump from company to company on hopes of easy profit…

Thou shall not rely on two family members or friends in the hopes of earning millions in MLM…

Thou shall not seek gossip of thy network marketing company or that of another…

Thou shall overcome the objections of others who are ignorant, and never quit out of despair…

Thou shall not poison the downline with concerns, negativity, or gossip.

Thou shall learn the proper techniques for inviting, objection handling, prospecting and closing.

Thou shall be completely responsible for his or her success in network marketing…

Thou shall enrich oneself in self-discovery through acquiring the knowledge of success, mindfulness and leadership.

Thou shall empower others to fulfill their dreams through the network marketing business model…

Thou shall reap the full potential of life through MLM and leave behind an inheritable legacy for our grandchildren.

What’s striking about these guiding principles is that they can be applied to other areas of our lives, whether we’re involved in network marketing or not.

In many ways that’s the real beauty of network marketing; it can make you a better person than you were at the beginning of your MLM journey.

Network marketing companies like Now Lifestyle are de facto leadership factories, empowering people to be the best versions of themselves (learn more).

Whether you’re a fan of MLM or not, applying “The Ten Commandments of MLM” to your life is certain to make you happier and more fulfilled!

VIDEO: A Powerful Tool to Automate Your Online Business

Starting a Now Lifestyle business means exclusive access to automation tools designed to do much of the heavy lifting for you.

By freeing yourself from the day-to-day, time consuming tasks, you’re able to enjoy more time freedom (your ultimate goal after all!)

Here’s just one example of many powerful automation tools available to you in your Now Lifestyle members area!

Just one of many automation tools to build your NLS business

Just one of many automation tools to build your NLS business

Posted by Health Wealth Now on Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Meet Danielle Ackerman

Meet Danielle Ackerman, uber-busy mom and a true ‘product of the product’ at Now Lifestyle. Not only does she personify the spirit of people helping people at Now Lifestyle, but she’s a shining example of so many people who’ve been rescued from the brink of poor health by Now Lifestyle.

Danielle was one of the key speakers at Now Lifestyle’s recent convention in San Antonio, Texas. She moved the audience with her powerful story of overcoming struggles with strength – and impressed them with the strength of her Now Lifestyle-inspired physique!

Danielle is just one of many inspirational, uplifting and caring leaders you’ll meet inside the Now Lifestyle family. Like so many Team leaders, she’s always willing to share her insights and always leads by example!

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