VIDEO: This ONE thing will change your business

The vast majority of marketers are doing it all wrong. They’re marketing to the most competitive segment of their marketplace. As legendary marketing consultant Frank Kern explains in this video, there’s another segment of the marketplace that most marketers overlook. This segment is far more profitable, if marketed to correctly.

How To Know When People Will Be Ready To Buy!

Understanding this ONE THING can change EVERYTHING about how you market your business…

Posted by Frank Kern on Monday, October 1, 2018


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It’s time to dream, get and stay motivated!

A Monday message from Joel Therien, CEO/Founder of Now Lifestyle:

What time is it?
Its time to get off your ass and stop the self despair, the world isn’t fair, I can’t do this attitude and start taking action. Why? Cause the self pity isn’t working right now and guess what “The world doesn’t care!!
Way too many of you who have massive passion are doing things you still hate!! Let me fill you in on a little secret…
If I am 1% not happy for more than 2 days on what I am doing I change directions. Most people who have massive potential and passion are doing 99% of stuff they hate!!
Come on.. its time to get motivated, get happy and change directions. The only thing that will motivate you LONG TERM is you!!.. only you.. yes you.. go look in the damn mirror.. because YOU are in charge!!
You have greatness in you, you have potential in you & its time to tell your “conservative brain” to shut up and move forward!!
Thank God Its Monday (TGIM) because here is your chance to change the world.
Lets do this, because you can, I can, we all can do this!! You can be free, you can be the Captain of your ship, the master of your life.. the person you know GOD made you to be!!
NEVER GIVE UP!! Happy Monday Team!

If all that sounds good to you, it’s all here waiting for you..