How Many Streams of Income Should You Have?

There’s a lot to be said about having multiple streams of income. Some believe it’s the most efficient way to build wealth–but I’m not the only one. Researchers have even pinpointed a statistic: Millionaires, on average, have not just one, but seven streams of income.

Now, when you read that, being the critical thinker you are, perhaps a few questions come to mind . . .

First, is seven the magical number of income streams that turns you into a millionaire, or is it that the millionaire knows how important multiple streams of income are, and so begins to “collect” them?

Second, are those seven types of streams, or could those seven streams be in the same category (for example, real estate)?

Finally, do highly-paid professionals really need this many streams of income or should they just keep working hard in their given profession?

Unfortunately, it’s tough to pinpoint this exact information online (trust us, we looked all over). However, from some due diligence and research, we landed on a few ideas that certainly make the most sense. So let’s go back to the original questions:

Do the Income Streams Make the Millionaire, or Is It the Other Way Around?

Well, the number seven may not be magical, but it does seem these concepts are two sides of the same coin. Yes, the streams may eventually make the millionaire, but it’s also true that the millionaire understands the importance of multiple income streams–without them, after all, he or she may never have broken the million dollar mark. So, he or she continues to increase their streams of income.

Are These Seven Individual Categories of Streams, or Are They All from the Same Category?

As with all investments, it’s believed that it makes the most sense to diversify your streams of income. That is, up to a point. If you’re finding a category that works for you, then go for it. Still, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Yes, diversification is key. We’re talking about the whole picture here – not only the way you gain income and increase net worth, but also what you do with it. Smart people have learned that the best way to build wealth is to turn your active income into multiple passive income machines.

Should You Focus on Building More Streams of Income, or Is Your Profession the Top Priority?

Highly-paid professionals (like doctors) should definitely be looking into multiple streams of income. In fact, more than anyone, they are in the best position to accelerate their growth towards financial freedom. They’re able to earn the necessary capital and immediately throw that money into creating additional streams very quickly. They just have to be strategic about it. Keep expenses in check, and be disciplined about moving earned income from day jobs and straight into the money-making machines. There is a balance to be had here. You just have to figure out exactly where it is for you.

Different Streams of Income

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully we’re (at least somewhat) on the same page. And if so, you may be wondering about what these seven streams might actually consist of. Well, while there’s no perfect blueprint for what these income streams should be, here are some of the most common types of streams:

  • Earned Income – This is your day job and most people’s primary source of income. this one’s easy to understand and most people’s primary source of income. You trade your time for money.

  • Business Income You own a business. You either make and sell something, or you provide a service.

  • Interest Income – This is income you make from lending your money out. This might mean a CD, P2P lending, real estate crowdfunding, funding fix-and-flip debt deals, or simply money in a savings account.

  • Dividend Income – This is money that’s distributed as a result of owning shares of a company.

  • Rental Income – You own something and you rent it out. Probably the most common is owning a rental property, such as a multifamily apartment building (renting apartments in exchange for monthly payments).

  • Capital Gains – This is money earned when you sell an investment, like stocks.

  • Royalties / Licensing – You create a product, idea, or process, and you let someone use it. They pay you a small fee every time they do.

  • Passive Income – Network marketing or multi-level marketing is one of the most popular passive income streams. With the internet in full swing, many companies have turned to the world wide web to create more automation and opportunities for the average person. Do your homework and pick the right opportunity that works for you.  (Here’s one that we recommend.)

After lots of research and scouring the internet for systems that are pre-built for the average person, it makes the most sense to plug into something that is already built, proven and can get normal people realistic results.

Let’s face it, most people are not going to run out, create a product, develop a website, market it and make a ton of money. Those folks are the few and between.

However, when you can plug into a system that is done for you and you simply have to do a little bit of work to get things moving . . . well that makes a lot more sense!

Here’s our recommendation for a done-for-you ‘business-in-box’!

This 100% natural product works wonders for your body

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Though most carbohydrates are broken down into sugar molecules, fiber cannot be broken down into sugar molecules.  Instead it passes through the body undigested, while collecting many harmful TOXINS!

Fiber helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check.

Did you know that children and adults need at least 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day for good health, but most people get only about 15 grams a day? This is where Now Lifestyle can help you achieve your Healthy Fiber Target!

Most people do not consume enough veggies or fruits for the daily 20-30 grams of fiber required for a healthy body and core. If you come up short on your fiber grams, Now LifeStyle’s Fiber can compensate and play a huge healthy role for you and your body!

Fiber is more than just your friend:

  • It rids your body of harmful toxins 
  • It balances blood sugar levels so you don’t get sugar spikes throughout the day 
  • It rids your body of bad cholesterol 
  • It suppresses your appetite and eliminates sudden cravings

Say good bye to late night munchies! Fiber plays a huge role in weight loss and overall health. Try adding the Now Lifestyle fiber product to your diet and wow your doctor on the next visit!

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VIDEO: A very personal message to anyone looking to work from home

A candid message from Now Lifestyle’s founder and CEO about the struggles, realities and perils of working from home. Here are some tips on how to overcome those pitfalls on your personal journey towards time and financial freedom.

Nowlifestyle is the vehicle to your freedom

🎉I spent 5 weeks in Canada with Family🎉.
I get to do what I want to do when I want to do it and you should to!!
This is just a very personal message to anyone looking to work from home.
NEVER GIVE UP.. You can do this!!!

Posted by Joel Therien on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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VIDEO: “Is Now Lifestyle a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?”

Perhaps you’ve come across Now Lifestyle and you’re asking yourself this question. (Or maybe you’re building a Now Lifestyle business, and you’ve been asked this question by potential customers.) Whatever the case, watch this video by Joel Therien, founder and CEO of Now Lifestyle and decide for yourself.

What to say when people call us a Scam or Pyramid Scheme after…

** What to say when people call us a Scam or Pyramid Scheme after 19 years in Business **
First if you feel that way about us I totally understand why. Just in the past 3 years alone so many Online Network Marketing companies have gone. Some people who put their heart and souls into a company and the next day their income is gone.
So I totally understand your scepticism and reluctance. Let me preface what makes us different by saying that the success or failure of an MLM is pretty much the same as a conventional "Brick & Mortar" Business. Roughly 90% of new companies, all companies are statistically out of business in 5 years.
So why have we been around 19 years now?
I think it is important that you do your own due diligence so let me give you the background on how GVO and came to be. In 1998 I started to work for my dads company "Telco Advertising Limited" My dad's (Frank Therien) company was in the conventional advertising and printing business. When I jumped on board I saw the vision of taking his customer base and offering them a new way of advertising with a "website online". So we started out as a web hosting company.
In 2004 we launched Hotconference which still exists today, this was our web conferencing platform. In 3 months we had over 7 million downloads of Hotconference and hence the use of that service actually ate up ALL the bandwidth in our city. The time had come, sell the company or find a way to keep pushing forward. I was stressed to the max. As such I was watching "Flip this House on A&E" to try to get my mind off what to do about the company. The episode had a very cocky but funny Armando Montelongo on it. I am not sure why but I resonated with him.. I "liked" that people either loved him or hated him. Regardless you could not deny his success as one of the top "house flippers" in the USA.
Around 3am that same night, I could not sleep. I went to my computer and found Armando's website. I could see he was trying to sell a home study course on how to flip homes. The site was nice, but there was no true sales funnel in place…
So I emailed him and said in the subject line" "Hey Armando your website sucks!"
Because I had eaten up all the bandwidth in my home town, I could NO LONGER market my company. I needed something to market so I flew to San Antonio and long story short I loved it so much. I knew Rackspace was here and the city was filled with massive amounts of fiber optics and bandwidth. Hey Armando.. thanks for replying to my email brother or I would never have come here!!
In 2007 GVO was established here in the USA and so our company transitioned from Telo Advertising under to GVO under
So for those who want their due diligence, you can reference all th above and find out all of it is true. On June 14th 2007 I moved from Gatineau Quebec Canada to San Antonio Texas!!
So why have we been around so long, why have we destroyed so much of our competition in the Network Marketing and online space? First, I have to thank my father Frank Therien. He said son, "If you can not look your customer in the eye and do business with them you should not be in business" He taught me:
[+] Honesty
[+] Integrity
[+] Obsess and always do what is right for the customer and not you!
As such every product we have ever made ALWAYS focuses on the customer first. A great product creates a great opportunity and not the other way around.
My dad always taught me gamble in business but be smart. As you see the tour of our office here, you will see it is not huge. When I moved here I almost bought a 50 000 sq foot building because of my illusions of grandeur. Thanks dad for bringing me back down to earth. Our office space is just under 10 000 sq feet and it doesn't need to be bigger or smaller.
Because our office is the right size our "fixed costs" like electricity, cooling of the server room etc are low. Had I gotten that 50 000 sq foot building OMG money wasted or what!! Keeping the company with as low of overhead as possible has allowed us to create great products and still pay out as much as 90% residual commissions back to our resellers in the trenches.
So, in summary, we are not a scam or pyramid scheme because we provide real products that real consumers need at a price that is very competitive in the marketplace. We have killed our competition with great products by obsessing over customer service Vs commissions in people's pockets.
My focus is always been customers first resellers and commissions second. Sorry for the long story but I think it is important you come to know who we are before you jump in with both feet <3
With a ton of passion and love

Have a*´¨)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ * wonderful and profitable day! *

Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Posted by Joel Therien on Friday, October 27, 2017

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VIDEO: How to apply the K.I.S.S principle to your business

Coach Janet Legere from Now Lifestyle talks about the K.I.S.S. principle and how to apply it to your Now Lifestyle business.

NLS K.I.S.S. With Coach Janet Legere

Coach Janet Legere talks about the K.I.S.S. Principle and How to Apply it to your Now Lifestyle Business!

Posted by Joel Therien on Thursday, November 8, 2018

This is just one of four LIVE webinars hosted every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by top trainers at Now Lifestyle.

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What is Now Lifestyle and why do we exist?

A heartfelt message from Joel Therien, founder/CEO of Now Lifestyle:

I think you deserve to live a better life don’t you?
I just think people deserve to live better, happier & stress free lives don’t you? So honestly, my vision has always been and will continue to be providing the service and the “know how” to truly live the life you want to & deserve to live!!
The 7 minute workout & health and wellness portion was born because it was my personal and moral obligation to share what I know.
I know that in order to live a dramatically healthier and disease free life you need to:
[+] Train with very high intensity but very short duration exercise like 7 minute workout
[+] Increase your fiber & protein to reduce the risk for obesity, heart disease & diabetes
I also know that having time and financial freedom is USELESS if you don’t have your health.
The business automation section was created for true time freedom.
[+] There is no point in making awesome income if you work 80 hours a week

[+] There is no point if you are stressed to the max because of your job and as a consequence you lose your health.

[+] The tools you have access to at NowLifestyle are the exact same tools I have used to generate nearly $270 000 000 (million) online..
If I can do that, anyone can. And surely anyone can create a life of luxury following in my foot steps.
We created our tools because..
[+] The auto responder allows you to build a list of prospects and buyers and be able to contact those people at a fraction of the cost or time of a phone call.

[+] The lead capture system allows the newest of newbies to be able to truly start making money from home by taking 2 minutes to set up their contact information in the lead capture system & then investing in traffic.

[+] The conference room allows you to network with countless people in audio & video. It creates true communication leverage. Email your list with your auto responder & spread your message with clarity one to
many in your conference room.
Why do we exist?
Honestly, it’s sad that in today’s society “day cares” exist because parents are time & financially strapped to their jobs. Parents should raise their kids not a business.
Its sad that “heart attacks” are more common on Monday Mornings
Its really sad that people can’t wait for the weekend.
Its sad that anti depressants are truly over prescribed
its sad that 80% or more of people are dis satisfied with their careers
Its sad that money management and true Entrepreneurialism is not taught in school
its just sad that so many people are sad and it doesn’t have to be this way!!
My vision is to make Nowlifestyle so cost affordable that anyone who has self discipline & ambition can learn the necessary skills to lead a life of abundance no matter their situation today…
Anyone, anywhere at anytime is welcome into our family. We ALL deserve to live a healthier, happier and stress free life.
Its our moral obligation to keep going, to push forward to spread the word until everyone is happy?
We all deserve health & happiness.. ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t you agree..
I love you all .. Joel Therien 😍

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VIDEO: 👊 Reverse Engineer your mind for Success👊 .

A message from Joel Therien, Founder/CEO of Now Lifestyle:

Here is how to "Reverse Engineer" your mind for success.

👊"Reverse Engineer" your mind for Success👊
Here is the process to reverse engineer your mind to get what you want & deserve from your life..
Lifestyle – is created by your
Success – is created by your
Actions – is created by your
Feelings – is created by your
Beliefs – are created by your
Let's break them down so that you can understand what you need to do to always Take Massive Imperfect Action towards the Lifestyle that you want!!

Posted by Joel Therien on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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How David Kilby Generates Free Biz Leads

David Kilby is a fast-rising star at Now Lifestyle. He recently started experimenting with sharing blog posts on social media sites, as a way to find prospects for his growing business.

What’s powerful about David’s strategy is that he never has to write a single blog post! Instead, he leverages content that’s created for him by the 10X Blogger Marketing System.

The 10X Blogger Marketing System is exclusive to Now Lifestyle, and is just one of many marketing tools the company makes available to its business owners. So far David’s strategy seems to be working!

How David Kilby Generates Free Leads

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VIDEO: The Real Truth Behind Network Marketing

In this must-watch interview with network marketing legend Eric Worre, broadcasting legend Larry King reveals the real truth behind network marketing companies like Now Lifestyle.  Here’s just one excerpt from the interview:

Larry King:

What’s the biggest mistake newbies make when they start a network marketing business?

Eric Worre:

They set unrealistic expectations. It costs $65,000 on average in the U.S. to start a traditional business, with the expectation that it’ll take three years to be paid back.

In network marketing, if most distributors aren’t getting results in 30 days, they’re like suicidal. You gotta give it some time, you gotta develop some skills, you gotta learn some stuff here. It’s going to take some work. This profession is going to pay you fairly for what you put into it, but it won’t limit how much you can get out of it.

Watch the entire interview with Eric Worre and Larry King:

Broadcasting Legend Larry King Reveals the Real Truth Behind Network Marketing

Broadcasting Legend Larry King Reveals the Real Truth Behind Network Marketing.

Make sure to SHARE this with anyone who needs to hear it!

Posted by Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre on Monday, September 17, 2018

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What people are saying about 10X Blogger

People absolutely LOVE how 10X Blogger is helping them build their Now Lifestyle businesses. Here’s just some of the feedback so far:

10X Blogger has been a fantastic tool in building my Now Lifestyle business. I started posting links to my 10X Blogger site on my social media sites even before the lead capture system was set up. I got 2 paid signups within 3 days simply by posting the blog content on my facebook and twitter pages. Incredible! ~ Kenneth Schreifels

Tissa Godavitarne and Joel Therien have promised and delivered with 10X Blogger. The customer service is outstanding. Everything is clearly explained via videos. Communication and support response very efficient and quick. I highly recommend you get your 10X-Blogger right NOW! ~ Susan Fourie

Imagine waking up to $500 deposited into your account not once but twice in the same week. That is what happened to me when signing up with 10X Blogger. I love these deposits but what I purchased 10X for was the 24/7 blogging, the relentless email follow ups and the endless flow of leads all focused on building my NowLifeStyle Business. The $500 automagically appearing in my account every time my name comes up in the rotator just adds to making this the single most powerful marketing system ever devised. Simply Love It! ~ Bryan Kinney

The 10X Blogger Marketing System is available exclusively in the Now Lifestyle members area under ‘Reseller Tools’. If you don’t yet have a Now Lifestyle account, click here to create a free account so you can learn more about 10X Blogger.

VIDEO: This ONE thing will change your business

The vast majority of marketers are doing it all wrong. They’re marketing to the most competitive segment of their marketplace. As legendary marketing consultant Frank Kern explains in this video, there’s another segment of the marketplace that most marketers overlook. This segment is far more profitable, if marketed to correctly.

How To Know When People Will Be Ready To Buy!

Understanding this ONE THING can change EVERYTHING about how you market your business…

Posted by Frank Kern on Monday, October 1, 2018


When you start a Now Lifestyle business, you have access to 10X Blogger, a powerful content platform exclusive to Now Lifestyle. This fully automated system helps you build your Now Lifestyle business by building precisely the types of profitable relationships that Frank Kern describes above.

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It’s time to dream, get and stay motivated!

A Monday message from Joel Therien, CEO/Founder of Now Lifestyle:

What time is it?
Its time to get off your ass and stop the self despair, the world isn’t fair, I can’t do this attitude and start taking action. Why? Cause the self pity isn’t working right now and guess what “The world doesn’t care!!
Way too many of you who have massive passion are doing things you still hate!! Let me fill you in on a little secret…
If I am 1% not happy for more than 2 days on what I am doing I change directions. Most people who have massive potential and passion are doing 99% of stuff they hate!!
Come on.. its time to get motivated, get happy and change directions. The only thing that will motivate you LONG TERM is you!!.. only you.. yes you.. go look in the damn mirror.. because YOU are in charge!!
You have greatness in you, you have potential in you & its time to tell your “conservative brain” to shut up and move forward!!
Thank God Its Monday (TGIM) because here is your chance to change the world.
Lets do this, because you can, I can, we all can do this!! You can be free, you can be the Captain of your ship, the master of your life.. the person you know GOD made you to be!!
NEVER GIVE UP!! Happy Monday Team!

If all that sounds good to you, it’s all here waiting for you..

The Ten Commandments of MLM

As you read “The Ten commandments of MLM” by Erik Christian Johnson, ask yourself if you are practicing these commandments in your MLM business:

Thou shall not rely on “get-rich-quick” schemes, or jump from company to company on hopes of easy profit…

Thou shall not rely on two family members or friends in the hopes of earning millions in MLM…

Thou shall not seek gossip of thy network marketing company or that of another…

Thou shall overcome the objections of others who are ignorant, and never quit out of despair…

Thou shall not poison the downline with concerns, negativity, or gossip.

Thou shall learn the proper techniques for inviting, objection handling, prospecting and closing.

Thou shall be completely responsible for his or her success in network marketing…

Thou shall enrich oneself in self-discovery through acquiring the knowledge of success, mindfulness and leadership.

Thou shall empower others to fulfill their dreams through the network marketing business model…

Thou shall reap the full potential of life through MLM and leave behind an inheritable legacy for our grandchildren.

What’s striking about these guiding principles is that they can be applied to other areas of our lives, whether we’re involved in network marketing or not.

In many ways that’s the real beauty of network marketing; it can make you a better person than you were at the beginning of your MLM journey.

Network marketing companies like Now Lifestyle are de facto leadership factories, empowering people to be the best versions of themselves (learn more).

Whether you’re a fan of MLM or not, applying “The Ten Commandments of MLM” to your life is certain to make you happier and more fulfilled!

VIDEO: A Powerful Tool to Automate Your Online Business

Starting a Now Lifestyle business means exclusive access to automation tools designed to do much of the heavy lifting for you.

By freeing yourself from the day-to-day, time consuming tasks, you’re able to enjoy more time freedom (your ultimate goal after all!)

Here’s just one example of many powerful automation tools available to you in your Now Lifestyle members area!

Just one of many automation tools to build your NLS business

Just one of many automation tools to build your NLS business

Posted by Health Wealth Now on Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Meet Danielle Ackerman

Meet Danielle Ackerman, uber-busy mom and a true ‘product of the product’ at Now Lifestyle. Not only does she personify the spirit of people helping people at Now Lifestyle, but she’s a shining example of so many people who’ve been rescued from the brink of poor health by Now Lifestyle.

Danielle was one of the key speakers at Now Lifestyle’s recent convention in San Antonio, Texas. She moved the audience with her powerful story of overcoming struggles with strength – and impressed them with the strength of her Now Lifestyle-inspired physique!

Danielle is just one of many inspirational, uplifting and caring leaders you’ll meet inside the Now Lifestyle family. Like so many Team leaders, she’s always willing to share her insights and always leads by example!

Click here to see how Danielle and Now Lifestyle are changing lives!

Work until you’re “too sick or die”

It sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s true. In a recent survey by Wells Fargo, 34% of Americans said they’ll have to work until they’re “too sick or die”. In the same survey two years prior, only 25% of respondents felt the same way.

For the survey, 1,000 Americans between the age of 25 and 75 with a household income ranging between $25,000 and $99,000 were interviewed by Wells Fargo.

Additionally, more than half (59%) said their main financial concern every day is paying the monthly bills. That is up from 52% who expressed the same concern the year prior.

Those are some really alarming statistics, and chances are you can identify with those same financial concerns. NOW is the time to look at ways to build a residual income stream.

Residual income means passive income, where others are doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Building residual income means NOT having to work until you’re too sick or die!

There are many legitimate online business that you can start right now, working part time from home. Some of them like Now Lifestyle come with the added benefit of helping you stay healthy, well into retirement.

Don’t be part of that 34% who’ll have to work until you’re too sick or you die! Don’t spend the rest of your days worrying about paying the monthly bills. Plan ahead now with companies like Now Lifestyle!

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VIDEO: I may have crazy hair but THIS is even crazier!

Yes I’d just woken up, yes I had crazy hair, but I just had to shoot this video when I saw how all of these people were starting their week. Who says Monday are to be dreaded? Not when they’re like this! #TGIM

Just rolled out of bed, crazy hair and all, but I had to shoot this video

Just rolled out of bed, crazy hair and all, but I had to shoot this video

Posted by Health Wealth Now on Monday, October 22, 2018

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Meet Rising Star Jerry Stallings!

Known as the ’60-MPH Marketer’, Jerry Stallings is a trucker who builds his Now Lifestyle business while on the road. When he’s not on the road, you’ll find him on the Now Lifestyle leaderboards as one of their top earners. Jerry shares with you his simple strategies for success in this value-packed livestream!

Join Us Live NOW As We Interview Rising STAR Jerry Stallings!!

Posted by Joel Therien on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Do you ‘TGIF’ or ‘TGIM’?

It’s Monday morning, which means there are a lot of people right now filled with dread. Perhaps they’re stuck in rush hour traffic, on their way to a cubicle in a crowded office. Or maybe they have a corner office with a view, but can’t stand their boss. Or maybe their job is okay; it’s just that they’d rather be able to spend time at home with their newborn, or not have to pay for expensive daycare.

Those are the types of people who typically say ‘TGIF’ at the end of a work week. “Thank God it’s Friday!” They live for the weekends, and the week (five days of every week!) is simply a steep price they pay to spend two days doing what they want to do…

Then there are those who ‘TGIM!’ “Thank God it’s Monday!”. These are the people who never need alarm clocks to wake up, because they’re awakened everyday by passion and purpose! They love what they do, because they love helping others and lifting others up. The day of the week doesn’t matter to them because every day is an opportunity.

The TGIM-ers typically work from home; they’re self-reliant entrepreneurs (redundant, I know) who understand the value of time and financial freedom. They know it’s far more more important to live life purposefully, on their terms. That may mean they can travel freely, or it may mean that they can spend more time with their children – or maybe it means they can afford that expensive daycare.

Which one are you? A TGIF-er or a TGIM-er? If you’re a TGIF-er, maybe it’s time to look at a lifestyle change. At Now Lifestyle, we’re changing lives one Monday at a time. Happy Monday!

Leave the TGIFs behind; click here for more TGIMs!

Our NowLifestyle Convention.. I love you all very, very much!

A message from Joel Therien, the CEO of Now Lifestyle…

❤️Tears of Humbleness and Happiness are Still flowing❤️

I have never had the personal transformation like I had at this Event. I have to keep this real and I have to be honest. While GVO & Nowlifestyle have been rock solid, the past 4 years personally has been challenging for me..
Because of these personal challenges I found my drive, my “why” and my goals a bit harder to get to. I guess you could say putting both feet on the floor and getting going with a vengeance every morning has been harder than normal.
I love what I do, but now.. honestly words can not describe how invigorated I am to change lives once again. Out of the two days, every single person had shed tears. The transparency, the stories that our speakers talked about and their willingness to be so vulnerable moved me to emotional levels that I can’t really describe. So much so, that again rather than being able to describe, I am left speechless.
As everyone shared their personal struggles. Many of them life threatening, it made me realize that my “personal” issues were nothing in comparison. It made me realize the heroes and champions who are behind NowlIfestyle and who are committed until literally their lives end on gods green earth..
Just WOW.. again I am speechless. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The emotions were real & raw. And because of that I knew that the personal transformations were real too!! We are making a real difference physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
This is special.. very special & it is just the beginning. I love all of you, all of you and I don’t take the word lightly, Nowlifestyle is my family, my why, my dedication, my love.. my everything.
I will listen, learn and never stop working for all of you. I will right my wrongs, I will NEVER STOP.. EVER
To all of you.. thank you for everything you do! I love you all.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Joel Therien

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VIDEO: Price Always Wins!

Leveling the playing field for all home based business entrepreneurs world wide.

How would you like to start your very own home based business for less than $10 per month?

We are looking for self motivated “A GAME” entrepreneurs who want to make a great income from home!

To find out more register for FREE today for my next live webinar this Saturday Aug 18th 2018 at 11am Eastern time.


See you there!!


Posted by Joel Therien on Thursday, August 16, 2018

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VIDEO: Now Lifestyle truly is a completely Done For You Business…

Nowlifestyle truly is a completely "Done For You" Business in a Box
What we take care of:

1. All the phone calls, the support, the software updates, the marketing tools, the webinars the shipping and handling.
2. We even have completely "Done For You" traffic leads and sales!! Most people fail in this industry because they run out of people to talk to.. WE FIND YOU THOSE PEOPLE! They want to hear from you.

What you need to take care of:

1. Be willing to talk to your leads and new downline members who reached out to you saying yes I want to know more. YES.. I want your help!! You will need to build a true strong relationship with 10 to 20 people and then teach those people to build a relationship with 10 to 20 people.

You can download the presentation from the webinar replay above right here.

The compensation plan can be found here

It doesn't get any simpler, easier or more powerful than this!!

Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Posted by Joel Therien on Thursday, March 15, 2018

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VIDEO: A lean sexy body while still eating the foods you love!


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It truly amazes me how the medical community thinks that the key to long term weight loss is starvation diets like 800 to 1100 calories a day.
It is scientifically and psychologically proven that the human mind will aways move AWAY from pain and TOWARDS pleasure. As example if I set your room temperature to 90 degrees fahrenheit you will do anything you can to cool off. Similarly, if I set your room to 35 degrees fahrenheit you will do what ever it takes to warm up!!.
Sorry, but that is exactly why 97% of people fail when it comes to their fitness and weightloss goals. PEOPLE MAKE IT WAY TOO PAINFUL! It is and should be easy and fun and NOT painful.
What if I told and proved to you all you had to do to get the body you LOVED for the rest of your life was:
=> Increase your fiber intake
=> Increase your protein intake
=> Train 7 minutes a day only 3x per week!

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Joel Therien
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Posted by Joel Therien on Sunday, February 11, 2018

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VIDEO: Why do some MLM companies last and others get shut down?


1. Ask yourself one question. If not for the "opportunity" could you use or need the products or service and are they competitively priced in the marketplace? If this answer is NO run like hell!
2. False income claims. "I am going to show you how to make 6 figures in the next 90 days guaranteed."
3. High priced products that are not affordable. Like $20 000 coaching courses etc. If someone has to "re mortgage their home" or "they lose everything" you bet they will make a complaint to the Attorney General and the FTC. The more the complaints, the more you will be on the radar.
I will never have an ascension product that goes above $1500 dollars EVER! You just heard it from the "horses mouth". Why? Success leaves massive clues. Do multi billion dollar companies like Amway, Herbalife or Melaleuca have products that are $10 0000? NO!!!
If anything at all, I hope this video gives you a great education on how to choose wisely your home based business company!

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Joel Therien
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Posted by Joel Therien on Saturday, February 10, 2018

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