Do you ‘TGIF’ or ‘TGIM’?

It’s Monday morning, which means there are a lot of people right now filled with dread. Perhaps they’re stuck in rush hour traffic, on their way to a cubicle in a crowded office. Or maybe they have a corner office with a view, but can’t stand their boss. Or maybe their job is okay; it’s just that they’d rather be able to spend time at home with their newborn, or not have to pay for expensive daycare.

Those are the types of people who typically say ‘TGIF’ at the end of a work week. “Thank God it’s Friday!” They live for the weekends, and the week (five days of every week!) is simply a steep price they pay to spend two days doing what they want to do…

Then there are those who ‘TGIM!’ “Thank God it’s Monday!”. These are the people who never need alarm clocks to wake up, because they’re awakened everyday by passion and purpose! They love what they do, because they love helping others and lifting others up. The day of the week doesn’t matter to them because every day is an opportunity.

The TGIM-ers typically work from home; they’re self-reliant entrepreneurs (redundant, I know) who understand the value of time and financial freedom. They know it’s far more more important to live life purposefully, on their terms. That may mean they can travel freely, or it may mean that they can spend more time with their children – or maybe it means they can afford that expensive daycare.

Which one are you? A TGIF-er or a TGIM-er? If you’re a TGIF-er, maybe it’s time to look at a lifestyle change. At Now Lifestyle, we’re changing lives one Monday at a time. Happy Monday!

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