We’re recognizing YOU today!

We’re recognizing YOU today! (LIVE don’t miss this!) at 8pm Eastern time!
=> http://www.facebook.com/joelftherien/“>http://www.facebook.com/joelftherien/

Meet Richard and Jon LIVE today on Facebook

Today we wanted to recognize all of the people who have taken the initiative and shown us that they are champions!
(You’ll see what we mean soon)

This webinar, the father and son team John Weberg and Richard Weberg, are hosting is going to LITERALLY be calling out your names!

As well as covering how your goals will move you forward drastically, and a few other great tips as well…

You might want to bring a paper and pen, because there is going to be some VERY important information they are giving out today…

As well you probably want your team seeing everyone succeeding together to right?

Live webinar tonight Tuesday December 20th at 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central and 8pm Eastern

Just log in LIVE on Facebook using the link below and use the same link to invite your guests

=> http://www.facebook.com/joelftherien/“>http://www.facebook.com/joelftherien/


You will see building a business with NowLifestyle is simple, easy, fun and super rewarding physically, financially & spiritually..

We are SAVING lives.. NEVER GIVE UP!!

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