Coach D – Part 2: Cryptocurrency & Tokens Investment Checklist

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Coach D – Part 2: Cryptocurrency & Tokens Investment Checklist:

Part 1: Initial Information Gathering and Filtering – Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

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Part 2: Fill out an Investment Checklist

I have a checklist of questions that I find important and as I’m researching a crypto or token:

* What is the problem or transactional inefficiency the coin is trying to solve?

* What is the Dev Team like? What is their track record? How are they funded, organized?

* Who is their competition and how big is the market they’re targeting? What is the roadmap they created?

* What current product exists?

* How does the token/coin actually derive value for the holder? Is there a staking mechanism or is it transactional?

* What are the weaknesses or problems with this crypto?

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