Learn Why Food Delivery Drivers Are Switching To Snap Delivered

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After watching the video below, click on the Red “Snap Delivered” Image on the right column to download the Snap App today and create your “FREE” account to share with your family and friends today.

Why Drive For Snap Delivered?

* Our Drivers get paid direct to their bank accounts within 24-48 hours
** There are no hidden deductions on your commissions or tips, so you keep all your money.
*** You are truly your own boss, having control over when you work, how long you work,
and how much you earn!

**** The biggest difference is with Snap Delivered Drivers have the ability to refer other drivers, customers, and restaurants to Snap Delivered and earn income every time those drivers start making deliveries! Imagine having an army of drivers in cities around the country helping you to earn an income! Nothing like this has ever been done in the history of the industry!

Snap Delivered Drivers earn $3.00 Per Delivery plus an additional $0.50 Per Mile After the first 5 miles. Plus, you keep 100% of your Tips! Example:

We encourage our customers to tip 20% on each order and the default gratuity is 20%. ($50 average order with 20% tip is $10 + $3= 13 before any mileage charges)
Along with making deliveries and referring other delivery drivers, you can earn income by referring customers and restaurants to the Snap Delivered family as well! The potential to earn money by leveraging your referred drivers, customers, and restaurants, and marketers is literally limitless!
Become a driver with Snap Delivered today and start creating the financial success that you and your family truly deserve!

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