10X Blogger Testimonials

“10X Blogger has been a fantastic tool in building my Now Lifestyle business. I started posting links to my 10X Blogger site on my social media sites even before the lead capture system was set up. I got 2 paid signups within 3 days simply by posting the blog content on my facebook and twitter pages. Incredible!” ~ Kenneth Schreifels

“Not only is 10X Blogger creating content and value for your own customized, automated Now Lifestyle blog, but its sending follow-ups daily to your own list AND getting $500 Commissions is AWESOME!!” ~ Sean Mullen

“At very first sight I was blown away with the power of 10X Blogger for Nowlifestyle. Exactly what I need to take my NLS business to the next level and be able to help my downline all the more to grow theirs – 10X Fantabulous!” ~ Paul Guilfoyle

“I knew Now Lifestyle would be a super opportunity for anyone to succeed online, but with 10X Blogger and ALL the enhancements and training that has been implemented …it would be very difficult NOT to succeed with this opportunity.” ~ Maurice Smith

“Tissa has done the unthinkable with the 10X Blogger platform. When life gets in the way, this software does all the work for you by creating high quality blog posts and email follow up messages. Talk about automation at its best.” ~ Dave Gardner

“10X Blogger, Tissa and Now Lifestyle are simply awesome. The setup is simple, the support is amazing and the programs are simply superior.” ~ John Fisher

“10X Blogger – what an amazing system!! Thank you Tissa for creating not only one amazing system but for leveling the playing field for peeps at all levels of this industry.” ~ Karen Rodwell

“Yes! 10X Blogger works! An awesome system with great content! Thank you Tissa Godavitarne & Joel Therien!” ~ Maria Lawes

“Wonderful new system that takes care of content creation & follow-up for your NLS business! Work smarter, not harder! My time is worth it, thanks 10X Blogger!” ~ Erin Frost

“I have to say the 10X Blogger is the best I have seen in my 10+ Years in this Industry! Starting with easy Video instructions setting it all up to Customer Support, this Product is a must have!” ~ Heinrich Mahlknecht

“Thank you Tissa for setting up 10X Blogger for Now Lifestyle. The blog is amazing and I can’t wait to see the power of the blog and all the follow ups that are provided.” ~ Steven Quick

“The 10X Blogger Team will do all the follow ups for you for a lifetime. And the best part is that you are given your own personal blog with the great content for you to use to promote Now Lifestyle” ~ Emilia Fiuta

“The set-up time was fast, considering the volume of new users. The set-up process was well-explained, and help was readily available if needed. My first rotater sale came the day after set-up was complete and I could not be happier!” ~ David Barker

“Tissa Godavitarne and Joel Therien have promised and delivered with 10X Blogger. The customer service is outstanding. Everything is clearly explained via videos. Communication and support response very efficient and quick. I highly recommend you get your 10X-Blogger right NOW!” ~ Susan Fourie

“Imagine waking up to $500 deposited into your account not once but twice in the same week. That is what happened to me when signing up with 10X Blogger. I love these deposits but what I purchased 10X for was the 24/7 blogging, the relentless email follow ups and the endless flow of leads all focused on building my NowLifeStyle Business. The $500 automagically appearing in my account every time my name comes up in the rotator just adds to making this the single most powerful marketing system ever devised. Simply Love It!” ~ Bryan Kinney

… And many more!